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October 05, 2020

Let’s avoid the Trick-or-Treating meltdown that we are all anticipating from our kids this year. A great way to do that, is to make Halloween feel EXTRA special this year. How you ask? Celebrate all month long!

Due to COVID-19, there are some uncertainties surrounding Halloween.. Will my kids be able to go trick or treating? Do I want to even send my kids trick or treating? The list goes on! Well here at Great Pretenders, we believe this is a great opportunity to implement new family traditions! 

We would like to take this opportunity to look at Halloween through a new lens. Instead of trick or treating door to door this year, try an at home Halloween Hunt! This Halloween Hunt, is very similar to a traditional Easter egg hunt but can take place in your backyard or indoors, whichever you prefer! There are only 2 rules:

  1. It must be done in the DARK! (for added spookiness of course!)
  2.  Your kids must wear their Halloween costumes!

You may be thinking “how will my kids ever find their Halloween candy in the dark?” Allow them to use a flashlight, or check out some of our favourite crafts below for ideas on adding a little light and decorations to your space. 

Let’s start with crafts and Halloween decorations you can do with the kids! Make these Halloween crafts to decorate your house or backyard in your Halloween Hunt!


Spooky Decoration Ideas
1. DIY Glowing Eyes  

Cut some eyes into toilet paper rolls, pop a glow stick in, and that’s it! Place them throughout the yard for spookiness and to add a little light to help find candy

Spooky Eyes Craft
2. Halloween bedroom door decoration contest! 

Have your kids decorate their bedroom door with spooky faces and creatures! Get creative! 

Halloween Craft Ideas for kids


3. Bloody Hand windows

 Give your house a creepy touch for the month of October with these bloody hand prints! Everyone in the family can participate in this one! 

Bloody Hands Decor Idea
4. Backyard Graveyard 

If you choose to do a backyard Halloween Hunt, a creepy graveyard is a MUST! Your kids will love creating these too! 

Click here to read full instructions

Halloween craft ideas for kids

If you want to stick to the traditional Easter route.. you can also create treat bags for your little ones, much like the easter bunny does! View our Halloween Treat bag ideas below! 

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