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March 23, 2020

10 Activities to Keep Your Little Ones Entertained While at Home

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, schools & daycares have been closed and many individuals have been instructed to self isolate and work from home. We know working from home and keeping your little ones entertained can seem like a never-ending task, so our team at Great Pretenders has gathered a list of creative ideas to keep your children entertained and to help take a little stress off mom and dad.

1. Play Doctor

 In homage to all the incredible individuals doing their part in the healthcare system during the current climate, we want to thank every health care professional working on the front lines of this pandemic. We hope to inspire young individuals to grow up to be as brave, selfless and compassionate as the healthcare professionals around the world. 

Doctor Costume

All Great Pretenders costumes are 100% machine washable



2. Blanket Fort!

Blanket forts were my favourite when I was a kid! My parents would move the entire living room around just for my siblings and I to create our own little world. This kept us busy for hours, which I know my mom especially appreciated. Not only are blanket forts great for keeping your little ones busy, they also help kids develop problem solving, creative thinking and analytic skills. Providing children with various ways to use their imagination encourages mental growth by creating new ideas and ways of thinking.

Blanket Fort

3. Homemade Play dough — A science and an art project!

Playing with play dough is great for way for young children to develop fine motor skills, and making your own recipe is a great way to get the kids involved twice! They'll be occupied for hours! 

Follow this instructional video of how to make homemade play dough with ingredients you will likely have in your cupboard! 



4. Colour-In-Costumes

Have you seen our Great Pretenders Colour-A-Collection? Our collection includes capes, fairy wings pencil cases and guaranteed hours of fun to keep your little one busy! View the collection here. 






5. Science Experiments

Science projects help children develop resourcefulness, goal-setting skills, planning and problem solving. This particular science experiment is a great way to visually show children how soap prevents spreading of germs ad is always a great opportunity for parents to have a conversation about practicing good hygiene.

 Take a look and try it out.

What you will need:

  • 1 dish with water and pepper
  • 1 dish with water and soap



6. Compete in our Colouring Contest!

Great pretenders is hosting a colouring contest for all kids ages 2-12! We are looking for kids to draw us their best pictures of what good hygiene means to them. Parents, it's never too early to start teaching hygiene! Submit your drawings to our DMs on Instagram @grtpretenders


Colouring Contest

7. Kids Yoga!

Get your kids moving! Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem with non-competitive physical activity. Yoga also helps improve calmness and relaxation. Try this when you are trying to wind the kids down before bed.

Cosmic Kids is a great Youtube Channel that makes yoga fun for kids! Check them out with the link below.

 8. Cook a New Recipe

Sometimes cooking with your children can make it a longer task… but kids love to help! Learning how to cook at a young age also helps school-age kids learn basic math skills as they combine ingredients. Check out our colour-an-apron to allow your little cook to express themselves with artistic flair. This apron is sure to keep the little ones occupied for a couple hours before dinner.  Our Colour-in-Capes are machine washable, the colours will magically disappear and kids can begin their colouring fun all over again!


All Great Pretenders costumes are 100% machine washable



9. Go Outdoors!

Being outdoors is good for the mental health! Feeling like we are stuck inside can make us all go a little nuts, even mom and dad. So, take a walk with your kids, appreciate the world moving at a slower pace for a moment. Feel the sunshine on your face, kick a soccer ball around with your kids, ride your bikes. Social distancing does not mean lock yourself inside. It means reducing contact with other people, and avoiding unnecessary social gatherings. If you’re healthy and maintain the 6-10 feet from others, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go out and get some exercise. 




10. Start Decorating for Easter

As March slowly comes to an end, Easter is right around the corner. What better time to do all your Easter crafts than while on quarantine?! Decorate eggs or plant some spring flowers. Now is the perfect time to add some colourful decor to the house and include your favourite little helpers! 

Decorating Easter Eggs




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